AxIT Muscle Strength Testing

So…what’s AxIT? 

At Elite Performance Physio Manchester, we use cutting-edge AxIT muscle strength testing equipment to comprehensively evaluate your muscle force production capabilities. AxIT is the gold standard for functional and isolated muscle group testing.

The AxIT system includes:
– Advanced force plates
– Upper limb dynamometers
– Lower limb dynamometers

This state-of-the-art equipment, commonly used by professional sports teams, precisely measures muscle strength and identifies even subtle imbalances between left and right sides.

AxIT Strength Testing Benefits:
– Quantify overall functional strength
– Isolate and test individual muscle groups
– Detect asymmetries that increase injury risk
– Guide optimal rehabilitation protocols
– Track progress over time objectively
– Improve sports performance

Whether recovering from an injury or aiming for elite athletic conditioning, AxIT strength testing provides the objective data our Manchester physiotherapists need to design personalised treatment plans.

Book your AxIT muscle strength assessment at our clinic today and take your recovery or training to the next level. Experience the same advanced technology used by premier athletes and teams.